Help the Deaf with Education

As a young mother to an active three-year old boy, Selena does all of the typical things that mothers do. As a recent high school graduate getting ready to go to college, she definitely has her hands full. And as a deaf woman, she has been able to keep moving forward!



For almost 45 years, the Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre has worked to make sure that Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are fully included in their communities. Beginning in providing sign language classes for family and friends of Deaf individuals to services providing sign language interpreters, their mission is to ensure that no deaf or hard of hearing person is denied access to any part of everyday life. 


With the help of the DHCC, Selena has been able to receive a $1,000 scholarship that will be applied to her college education. Our goal is to help the DHCC expand the scholarship program so more Deaf and hard of hearing students can become successful in their college careers!


We raise funds for every person you recommend our way for a quote! We are not asking for your donation, we are asking to donate for YOU!






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