Hope for Shanna

Shanna was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer over 2 years ago, had a double mastectomy and a year later was told she was cancer free.  Unfortunately, soon after, she had a seizure coaching soccer and doctors found that the cancer had metastasized to her brain.

Shanna has been a lifetime resident of Norwood, PA and a 4th grade teacher at Norwood Elementary School.  She is married to her husband Mike and they have 3 children together, 2 sons and a daughter between the ages of 12 and 4.  Shanna only stopped working when the cancer started affecting her memory and brain functions as a teacher.  The Tuesday before Christmas this past year she was sent home from work on hospice.


This campaign will help take some financial stress off the family since her husband, Mike had to file for FMLA to be Shanna’s primary care giver at home.

Shanna is an extremely strong willed person and continues to fight everyday. Let’s join together and fight with her!

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