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Many people will find themselves confronting a situation where they have an illness. This may be because of age or because of illness. It may because of accident. In such circumstances, the person will need medical care. They may need medical care for a long time. This can be quite costly. Because of that possibility, many people seek out long term care insurance. Care insurance is designed to provide people with the ability to meet pay their medical bills in the event of a stroke or other debilitating illness.

Many people are offered care insurance through their workplace. An employer will often provide their employees with this type of insurance as part of their workplace benefits. Typically, the employee pays part of the premium and the insurance company picks up the rest of the cost of the insurance. This can be an excellent way to make sure the person's health care needs are covered in the event of illness.

The person may also choose to pay for this type of coverage on their own. Some people may have a genetic predisposition to a specific type of illness such as cancer. In that case, it makes sense to buy the insurance privately. They can help protect their assets this way and make sure that they are not a burden on relatives or do not need to spend their savings to pay for the care they need.

If someone is filing a claim for long term insurance, they will be required to fill out certain paperwork and usually undergo a physical examination as part of the process of applying for this type of insurance. This means submitting to a doctor's exam to verify that they have suffered a disabling injury that requires long term care. The person may need to submit to several physical examinations in order to fully determine the extent of their injuries.

Once verified in a satisfactory manner, the person will be compensated by the insurance company for their medical bills. In many instances, the insurance will cover all of the person's medical bills.

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