Music Therapy For Autism

Kerrigan is a beautiful, energetic little girl of 5 years old from Boothwyn, PA. At one year old, Kerrigan’s parents were concerned about her development when she did not mimic words and would only allow her mother to touch her. She did not show interest in toys and did not respond to anyone calling her name. Kerrigan was evaluated by Early Intervention and began receiving services at 15 months. Kerrigan was diagnosed with autism along with deficits in expressive and receptive language at CHOP at the age of 2 years and 9 months old.


Kerrigan joined MusicWorks in September of 2013. Her parents bring her faithfully to music therapy sessions each week. Her progress has been nothing short of amazing due to the efforts of her parents and the therapists at MusicWorks. Socializing with peers, other parents and therapists has developed to the point where many of her needs have turned into skills. She now makes good eye contact, waves and acknowledges friends, shows improved focus and attention to tasks, and is capable of completing activities. In September of 2014, Kerrigan started to play instruments used in music therapy sessions without assistance for the first time. As a result, her involvement in music therapy sessions and social interactions with her peers began to flourish.






Kerrigan has an endearing smile that has only become brighter as she makes more progress in her music therapy group. Her latest triumph is gaining the ability to talk, say words and communicate better with everyone around her. This past December, during the “Hello” song, the music therapist asked her “Who brought you here today?” and Kerrigan for the FIRST TIME responded appropriately “Mommy” to the surprise of all in the room. At MusicWorks, she learned to sing the A,B,C’s while working with the music therapist on the piano.


MusicWorks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit music therapy service provider working with children and young adults with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, developmental delays and genetic abnormalities. Most recently, we have developed music therapy sessions to benefit those with ADD, ADHD, mood disorder, bipolar disorder, PTSD and selective mutism.


Our goal is to raise awareness of the use of music therapy for children with a variety of developmental and learning challenges.


In our Havertown treatment center, 72% of the children who attend our sessions are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. MusicWorks is the first music therapy service provider to be credentialed by Magellan Behavioral Health under PA HealthChoices for residents of Delaware and Montgomery Counties. That means that if a child or young adult with challenges ages 1 to 20 qualifies, our services could be covered by Medical Assistance!


Our goal is to raise funding for individuals who could benefit by music therapy but do not have Medical Assistance or have reached their 21st birthday.


When an individual turns 21 years old, autism does not magically go away, but MA coverage does. As a nonprofit, MusicWorks continually raises funds to provide financial assistance to families that might not otherwise afford music therapy.


We would also love to donate to this great cause on your behalf...


 Just recommend friends and family to our agency for a quote on any insurance policy!




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Music Therapy For Autism

Kerrigan is a beautiful, energetic little girl of 5 years old from Boothwyn, ..