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Most vehicle insurance policies contain some type of coverage for accidents involving recreational vehicles that you may own. Recreational vehicles, however, can be involved in serious accidents where replacement costs as well as bodily injury costs can go way beyond the limits set by a traditional vehicle insurance policy. Recreational vehicles insurance policies are set up to coverage liability that exceeds your traditional policy.

When one thinks of recreational vehicles, the most common image that comes to mind is that of a large camper or motor home that people take on vacation. That is one definition, but recreational vehicles encompass much more than that. For insurance purposes, recreational vehicles are defined as all terrain vehicles (ATV), dune buggies,golf cars, motor homes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, dune buggies, off-road vehicles and antique and classic cars. Even vehicles such as trailers that you use to haul your recreational vehicles, as well as some watercraft like jet skis, also fit this definition. Recreational vehicle insurance is for individuals who own any of these types of vehicles and want to use and enjoy them without additional worry.

Recreational vehicles insurance is generally added to a regular auto insurance policy. These addendums offer policyholders pays for the cost of medical payments and comprehensive and collision costs above your normal vehicle policy up to the limits you set. Most insurance companies will also craft a policy to meet your specific needs. In other words, your coverage and benefits for the various types of off-road vehicles may be different than one for motor homes.

Policies typically provide additional coverage such as total loss replacement if a vehicle is damaged beyond repair during a specified period, replacement of personal effects damaged or lost within a recreational vehicle, vacation liability and emergency expense coverage, which pays for lodging and transportation resulting from a covered loss. This additional coverage helps you keep your assets in the event of a serious accident as well as helping to pay for a new vehicle.

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